• What if something happens to my Limited Edition Kennel?
    Gunner will make every effort to replace the limited-edition or discontinued products, but cannot guarantee their availability for replacement at time of request.  Any limi... read more
  • Is the G1™ kennel indestructible?
    Absolutely, and we highly suggest protecting your investment if you're traveling with the G1™ in your truck. We have created a Security Lock Kit with a high-strength, stain... read more
  • What is your G1™ warranty policy?
    Every G1™ kennel carries a lifetime warranty policy: that's how much we believe in our product. No more replacing flimsy crate after flimsy crate, year after year. That wa... read more
  • What is the warranty on the Food Crate?
    The GUNNER Food Crate has a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty, meaning we will cover any defects or damage that happens over time to the crate due to the way it was manufact... read more